By Abby Hassler

Brantley Gilbert is going to be a dad. In a recent interview with People, Gilbert talks about how he and his wife Amber have been trying to have a baby since they married in 2015.

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After seeing a fertility specialist and other experts, they all told the couple it would be “close to a miracle” if they were to conceive. Gilbert said, “I’m not much of a quitter, but I was really, really frustrated.”

Then in February, Amber surprised “The Weekend” singer before a show in Louisville. She handed him three positive pregnancy tests and Gilbert said he was “literally in shock” and that it was an answer to “many, many many prayers.”

“I’m not an emotional guy, but this has got me crying like a baby,” he revealed. “I’m pretty good around other folks now, but when I’m by myself, if I look at one of the pictures from the doctor’s office, I lose a few tears.”

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