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Jack Ingram Sings “Tin Man” at House of Blues, San Diego [Setlist]

On the final night of a weekend run in California, Jack Ingram wrapped up his mini-tour at the House of Blues in San Diego Sunday night (May 21st) for an acoustic show that, much like his latest album, Midnight Motel, got back to his stripped-down roots.

Armed with her guitar and wicked sense of humor, opening act Jamie Lin Wilson easily won over the crowd with her songs and stories about small town Texas. The simplified set-up meant there was only a few minutes of downtime before Jack took the stage, starting his set with his version of “Tin Man,” the current single from Miranda Lambert, which she wrote with her fellow Texan.

His set included unreleased songs, like “All Right, All Right All Right,” a nod to his friendship with actor Matthew McConaughey, songs from Midnight Motel (and often, the hilarious and poignant stories behind them, as was the case with “Blaine’s Ferris Wheel”), radio hits like “Wherever You Are” and “Love You,” music from his early catalog (“Biloxi”), and a cover of the late Guy Clark‘s “Stuff That Works.”

A string on Jack’s guitar broke while he was performing his latest single, “I’m Drinking Through It,” and a quick-thinking whiskey/guitar tech handed Jamie Lin’s guitar – which was still on stage – to Jack for him to play while the string was repaired. From the audience, an amused Jamie Lin called out, “Don’t break mine!”, while the crowd chuckled.

Jack wrapped up the show with his signature closing lullaby, “Goodnight Moon.”


  1. Tin Man
  2. Waiting
  3. Stuff That Works (Guy Clark cover)
  4. Now You Love Me
  5. Ava Adele
  6. You’re My Prayer
  7. Blaine’s Ferris Wheel
  8. Nothing to Fix
  9. Wherever You Are
  10. Biloxi
  11. Staying Out of Jail
  12. Love You
  13. I’m Drinking Through It
  14. What’s a Boy to Do
  15. All Right All Right All Right
  16. Goodnight Moon
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