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The Band Midland Was Named After a Dwight Yoakam Song

Dwight Yoakam‘s song “Fair to Midland” was one that resonated so much with the boys of Midland so much that they named their band after it!

“The song is about a guy that loses what was most pure, most honest, and was true love,” explains the “Drinkin’ Problem” lead singer Mark Wystrach in a statement from their label. “And he lost it in the pursuit of something that was glittering and something was gold.

“And the song is about, if you could go back in time he would go for what’s true. And it was important, I think, when the three of us came together, it was three very strong personas and different perspectives musically and Midland itself, it encaptured that idea because it was a reference from that song.”

But there’s also a certain amount of symbolism in the name. “It also was kind of symbolic of a place where the three of us come together and the rest of the world is, it’s different when the three of us are together,” Mark continues. “It is this place, it’s almost like a place that we live, Midland.”

Ironically, only later did the band, which is rounded out by Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy, realize that Midland is a real city in Texas, where they currently live, just outside of Austin.

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