By Ginny Harman

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Anyone who watched Back To The Future remembers those immortal words from Dr. Emmett Brown. And apparently, someone took those words to heart!

A Santa Clarita man just got ticketed for going 88 miles per hour in his DeLorean.  That’s the magic number to hit to make the DeLorean time travel, as any Back To The Future fan would know.

Well, it didn’t work!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Spencer White says he was driving with his Mom when he noticed he was going 85 MPH.

“Do you want to take it up to 88?” he asked. “Yeah, let’s do it.” The next thing he knew, a California Highway Patrol Officer was behind them signaling them to pull over.

Mother and son joked with the Officer as he told them how fast they were going and the Officer even let him take a photo of the speed on the radar gun to prove it.

Steven probably wishes he really could go back in time now, because the Officer gave him a $400 ticket!


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