By Ginny Harman

Graduation is the next step into the real world with adult responsibilities. The process can be daunting for some.

To ease that frustration and to boost confidence and self-esteem, graduation is becoming a prime occasion for plastic surgery, Allure reports.

“Cosmetic treatments as graduation gifts are definitely on the rise, and in my experience, they’re not without merit,” says Shereene Idriss, a New York City dermatologist.

While birthdays are still the number one most popular choice for procedures among older age groups, younger demographics are choosing to reach that milestone with graduation day.

Dr. Dara Liotta, a New York City plastic surgeon, told Fashionista that these kinds of gifts “gives graduates an opportunity to enter the next phase of their life looking on the outside how they see themselves on the inside.”

Forget the new MacBook Pro and the trip to Australia, plastic surgery is the hot grad gift.


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