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A Thousand Horses Melt Faces at Wilson Creek Winery – Set List

As anticipated, A Thousand Horses put on an amazing show last night at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula.

The guys opened the show with “Burn Like Willie” from their new album “Bridges” and the title describes exactly what you think it does. A heavy dose of grit and a solid rockin’ opener for the 17-song show.

They introduced the exceptional Wilson Creek crowd to several of the new cuts off “Bridges” including:  “One Man Army”, “Blaze of Something” and their hit single, “Preachin’ To The Choir” which had the audience on their feet.

The band, which features: Michael Hobby, Graham DeLoach, Bill Satcher, and Zach Brown (not THAT Zac Brown), paid homage to some of their musical heroes with a mid-set jam to the Rolling Stones “Dead Flowers” and The Black Crowes “Jealous Again”.

Without a doubt, since screaming onto the country scene in 2015 with their album, “Southernality”, these guys know how to give the audience a full-energy show with their Southern Rock sound.

“Bridges” is a 13-song album which includes 6 new songs and 7 live songs recorded in London.  The album came out on June 2nd and is a great follow-up to “Southernality” which really got the country music community repeating over and over:  these guys are ones to watch.

I’ve had the honor of seeing them 4 or 5 times in the last 2 years, and not only are they super nice human beings, but you can tell they truly enjoy what they do and the music they’re creating.  The synergy is there.  And last night, they made another 1000 new fans under the stars in Temecula Wine Country.

Rather than type out the set list, I wanted to share it with you in its organic form:  taped on the stage on a piece of paper.  It’s very much like the band A Thousand Horses:  the melodies and lyrics are there, but what these guys DELIVER on-stage in its organic form, you have to see to believe.


A Thousand Horses, Wilson Creek Winery

(Photo credit: Heather Froglear/CBS Radio KFRG)

A Thousand Horses, Wilson Creek Winery

(Photo Credit: CBS Radio/KFRG)

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