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“Bachelor In Paradise” Filming Suspended With Conflicting Stories

If you were looking forward to “Bachelor in Paradise”, your guilty TV dreams may have been crushed thanks to a steamy pool scene.

Yesterday Warner Bros. announced that they “suspended” production and are investing “misconduct” that occurred during filming.

According to PEOPLE, a producer witness an uncomfortable scene of a drunken sexual encounter between 2 cast members. A source told PEOPLE it had to do with consent.

TMZ, has a different story from a source connected to DeMario Jackson. DeMario is allegedly one of the cast members involved. The other is Corrine Olympios. A source told TMZ, the pair was told part of this season involved them hooking up. So they got intoxicated and then got very friendly in the pool. A producer allegedly saw the scene was very uncomfortable with it.

The producer filed a complaint and that’s when Warner Bros. issued their statement suspending production.

The season may be completely over though, because the contestant were seen flying out of Puerta Villarta yesterday.

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