By Kelli Green

Kelsea Ballerini‘s big day is on the way and according to Kelsea it’s going to be very “untraditional”.

Kelsea told E! News that her wedding day is coming up at “the end of the year”, but it’s not going to be a traditional wedding.

Kelsea and her fiance, Morgan Evans, have picked a venue and a date. If you’re expecting a beautiful Nashville wedding, don’t. Kelsea said it would definitely not be in Nashville.

Kelsea also admitted that she hasn’t started the search for the perfect wedding dress. The only traditional wedding aspect for Kelsea will be her dress. She wants something long and white. Although, that will only be one of her dresses. She’s planning on having 3 dresses for her big day.

Kelsea and Morgan have set some rules on the wedding including no wedding crashers and no exes.

They also agreed to have a karaoke session during the reception, but with one condition. Karaoke participants can not be in the music industry. “You can’t be good at karaoke; it’s not allowed.”


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