By Pepper

A driver in the carpool lane on the 71 South in Chino Hills yesterday swerved out of the lane just in time to avoid a deadly head-on collision with a wrong-way driver yesterday, and caught it all on tape.

Robin Sun of Chino Hills, who was on his way home around noon yesterday, described it as “the scariest moment of my life,” to CBS Los Angeles.

“All of a sudden, I saw this headlight coming in my direction, in my lane,” the Prius driver recalled. “Sure enough, there was a car just barrelling down up in the carpool lane where I was going. I barely missed it by a second.”

He described the driver as an elderly woman with a blank stare.

The CHP reported getting many 911 calls about the driver, but fortunately, no reports of any accidents.

Sun says he always a dash-cam rolling, just in case.

Watch his interview with CBS’s Stacey Butler and the terrifying video here:



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