By Pepper

At some point in their lives, almost everyone starts to recognize traits in themselves that they unquestionably got from their parents, and the guys of A Thousand Horses are no exception.

“I like to drive,” says guitarist and vocalist Zach Brown. “I get that from my dad. He was a bus driver and a mailman, and I went, ‘Alright. I like to drive around sometimes.'”

“My dad – the way I got into music – was he loves music,” explains lead guitarist Bill Satcher. “My parents aren’t musicians, but my dad always had the nicest stereo, like the nicest CD player – everything that came out, the nicest stereo speakers, everything.

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“So we were constantly always listening to music. I guess he’s kind of an audio nut. You know he likes the sound of music, not just the songs. So at a young age I learned to listen to not just the music itself but the quality of it. And like, really dissect it and I still do that so I think you know I probably got my obsession with music from that.”


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