By Pepper

Drake White says that one of the biggest influences in his life was his grandfather, not only musically, but in all other areas, too.

“My grandfather was a very, very strong influence on who I am as a person today,” Drake shares in a statement from his label. “He was a preacher, but he was super cool preacher, like really, really fly dude that he just had this way about him.

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“He taught me how to hunt and fish and how to appreciate nature and how to appreciate the spiritual realm of things,” he continues. “It taught me to ‘quieten’ in my soul and ‘quieten’ myself and really I’ve carried that with me and it gives me a confidence that you can’t really shake. You know, nobody can touch it because I know that I’m from a higher power, and I know that I’ve got a purpose, you know, with this music and purpose with everyday’s life.”


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