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Prince Was Supposed To Be A Producer On Shania Twain’s New Album

Shania Twain worked with a number of producers on her new album, but there was one that passed away before the project started.

Shania Twain revealed that Prince was supposed to be one of her producers on her new album, Now.

Shania told reporters in Nashville that one of the first people to call her about the album was Prince. “We had a few conversations, we emailed each other”.

Prince was ready to start the album, but Shania wasn’t. She was struggled with dysphonia, which made it difficult to sing.

By the time Shania was ready Prince was on tour and then he unexpectedly passed away.

Shania said “It’s like, if I ever had, you know, professional regret, that is definitely one of them.”

Now will be released on September 29th.

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