By Pepper

“Go big or go home” seems to be the Fourth of July philosophy Canaan Smith grew up with.

“Williamsburg, Virginia, has a great fireworks display,” the “Like You That Way” singer proudly shares about his hometown in a statement from his label. “It’s one of the best in the nation.

“We’d go to the Governor’s Palace,” he recalls. “They have a big lawn, and we’d sit out there and lay a blanket down. This was before I was old enough to drink, but we probably tried to sneak some in anyhow. And we’d just watch. They’d have the grand finale, which always blew my mind, ’cause just when you thought it was over, they’d start bringing out all the tricks, and it just gets crazy!

“Other times, we’d do stuff in our own yard. We had a big yard when we were growing up with a dirt track in the back, and our neighbor’s yard was equally as big, so when you put ’em together, we had a massive area to be destructive and do whatever we wanted.

“So we blew up all kinds of stuff!”


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