By Pepper

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren knew they were jumping in with both feet when they decided to adopt a daughter and have a biological child, but all the changes are just now sinking in.

“We don’t have any idea what we’re doing at all,” Thomas confesses in a statement from his label. “Willa’s been home for almost a month, and I feel like we kind of got spoiled on the front end because Willa sleeps like 12 hours a night, so that’s not gonna happen when the newborn comes.”

At the same time, Thomas and Lauren are trying to prepare Willa for the arrival of the new baby, who’s due on August 8th. “Every time Willa will go touch Lauren’s stomach,we’ll just be like, ‘Your new sister’s inside there,’” Thomas continues. “Obviously, she doesn’t know it but we’re kind of just trying to keep saying our newborn’s name and trying to get her used to the fact that there will be a sister here in about a month.”


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