By Kelli Green

Producers of ‘Bachelor in Paradise” are taking no chances after their “misconduct” scandal. Check out the new rules in places for the cast.

Yesterday we talked about the new alcohol rule on “Bachelor of Paradise”. In case you missed it, the cast will be limited to 2 drinks max per hour. Producers are obviously scared for another scandal, because they’re adding a couple new rules for contestants.

First and foremost, the cast is limited to a 2 drink max per hour. Secondly, if contestants want to get busy they have to wait and get permission from producers.

There’s allegedly a room called “The Boom Boom Room” where most of the indoor loving’ takes place.
Before any couple can go in there they have to give their consent to producers. The producers have the power to not allow contestants to engage in anything sexual if they feel the contestants are unable to clearly give consent.

The cast is back in Mexico to resume taping, but before they could do anything they had to sit through a 2 hour meeting with lawyers.


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