By Heather Froglear

CBS Los Angeles is reporting that a man in a ‘Scream’ movie mask is terrorizing a neighbor in Eastvale.

Resident Cyndi Viramontes saw the masked person on her security camera Sunday night and captured the video on her phone.

The man appeared to be wearing a ‘Scream’ mask, jeans and a dark jacket in the video.

He banged on the door and it startled the womans’ son. He left shortly thereafter.

She shared the video to an Eastvale-related crime page on Facebook to warn other neighbors.

Viramontes isn’t sure if it was just a ding-dong-ditch prank or what, but other residents say the prank is dangerous because many people could be armed.

That would make this prank a dumb mistake, should someone decide to handle things differently.

Viramontes contacted the police who have increased security in the Eastvale neighborhood.


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