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Chase Rice New Album Ready; Includes Duet with Late Chris Ledoux’s Son

Chase Rice is back with a new record label, and new album, a new tour and a new perspective on life.

Rice just released his new single “Three Chords and the Truth”, off of a forthcoming 10-song album, “Lambs & Lions”, scheduled for release September 29th.

The single is out today with an instant download of the song when you pre-order the album.

Chase hit it hard out of the gate with his debut album Ignite the Night back in 2014, with his hit single, “Ready Set Roll”. The single was certified Platinum, but the next 2 follow-up singles did very little on the charts.

And then life happened.

Internal struggles, some failed relationships, and the loss of his father ate at him. Rice wasn’t quite comfortable with being lumped into the category of “bro-country artists”.

Chase had done and seen it all early on in his career. Raised on a North Carolina farm, he played football at the University of North Carolina until an injury sidelined him. He worked on the Hendricks Motorsports Pit Crew as a rear-tire carrier for Ryan Newman. Winning was in his blood.

It’s no surprise that he re-evaluated the “plays” in his life.  He didn’t need a clipboard or shoulder pads.  He just needed the ball.

In a recent press release, Chase says:

“I’m not sure I’ll ever know the full reason why I had to struggle through two failed singles in a row after such an amazing start, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. God had my back the whole time, whether I knew it or not. Out of those failed singles I got ‘Three Chords & The Truth.’ I was fed up with trying; whether that was trying to be something I’m not, trying to make music that people said I should make or trying to make music I felt people wanted to hear. Instead I decided I’m going to make music that I needed to hear. When you go through tough times the truth always has a way of finding its way to you. This song was my truth. It’s the soul of my childhood, the songs that went along with it and the memories associated with those songs. It’s my heart waiting to be heard, and the songs that shaped it, especially in the third chorus.”


Chase Rice, Chris Ledoux, Lambs & Lions

(Photo Credit: Broken Bow Records)

I had an opportunity to hear a few of the new songs off Chase’s new album a few weeks ago in Nashville, and after hearing him talk about where he was then and where he is now, I find it quite symbolic that the album was named “Lambs & Lions”.

In the bible, the lion represents strength and ferocity, while the lamb represents gentleness and docility. Contrasting qualities that all humans possess, but qualities that can conflict quite easily. 

On “Lambs & Lions”, the album will include 10 songs,  7 of which Rice co-wrote himself.  The final track, is a special collaboration on “This Cowboy’s Hat”, with Ned LeDoux, son of the late cowboy country songwriting great, Chris Ledoux.

Chase Rice feels like he has the ball again.  The lion is running towards the goal, but Chase’s truth is now orchestrated by the lamb.

And they can co-exist.


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