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Parmalee Gives Us A Lesson In “Parmalisms”

If you ever want to travel to Parmalee’s hometown, you have to talk like a local. So here’s a lingo lesson straight from the guys.

Parmalee does a regular series with their fans called “Parmalisms”. They teach fans how to use a redneck word and the meaning behind. Today they taught us about getting “buffalo’d”.

Speaking of their hometown, the guys give a lot of credit to their city, Parmele. They named the band after it and their new album, 97861, is the city’s zip code.

They joked that the next album they’ll give us a phone number complete with area code.

This album includes their current hit, “Sunday Morning”, as well as some good party songs. The guys recommend “Hotdamalam” and “Mimosas” if you need a jam song.

Take a listen to Parmalee’s interview:

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