By Pepper

Darius Rucker announced on NBC’s “The Today Show” today that his next album When Was the Last Time will be released on October 20th. It’ll include his most recent #1, “If I Told You,” as well as his current single, “For the First Time.”

“Picking an album title is hard,” Darius confesses in a statement from his label. “Sometimes you go with one of the songs, because you’ve been wracking your brain for days and finally you just go Southern Style [for example], but that fit so well for that record, because it did.

“But When Was the Last Time, I was just thinking, I just thought that was what I wanted to say with this record. That was really the big gist of the record for me was ‘When was the last time you did something different? When was the last time that you did something that made you scared or made you worried, but you’d always wanted to do it?’

“So, I just thought that was a great title. I didn’t want to call it For the First Time, you know, so I went with When Was the Last Time, because that’s what the record’s all about for me, is going out on a limb.”


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