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Justin Moore Has Learned That Every City Can Be “Small Town USA”

Southern California probably isn’t the place that comes to mind when you hear Justin Moore sing about “Small Town USA,” but he says people everywhere can relate to it.

“When the label wanted to put that as a single, I said, ‘Man, I don’t think enough people are going to be able to relate to this,'” Justin recalls about the song in a statement from his label. “‘It’s not going to be a hit record.’ Thank God I was wrong and it was a #1 record.

“And the reason is because even if you’re in a big city, New York City, for instance, I learned this with this song, this one little block of New York City has its own little small town, and they all shop at the same coffee shop, and they all probably run into each other at whatever grocery store is right there,” he continues.

“And so, you know it’s very different because of the pace of life, but there are some similarities as well.”

Justin will perform at the Orange County Fair’s Pacific Amphitheatre this Thursday, July 27th.

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