By Anthony Donatelli

Retired U.S. Navy Officer John Ackert received a letter from his neighborhood HOA demanding that he removes his American Flag mailbox.

mailbox49 Veteran Told To Remove American Flag Mailbox or Pay Fine

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According to, the Southwood Residential Community Association in Florida sent a letter to the veteran saying:

“As the holiday season comes to a close, please remove the American flag mailbox wrap. Decoration may be displayed 30 days prior and must be taken down 15 days after.”

Ackert says that his mailbox was more than just decoration for Independence Day and he doesn’t plan on giving in to the communities “bullying.”

“That’s been there for four years,” Ackert said about the flag on his mailbox. “It was put there 30 days after I moved into this house.”

Ackert went on to add, “I view this as a form of bullying to be honest and I think people should stand up to bullying of any form, and particularly this.”

The letter from HOA said that Ackert has 15 days to remove the wrap, or he will face a fine. He is appealing the request.


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