By Pepper

The debut single from Midland is a tongue-in-cheek song called “Drinkin’ Problem,” in which the narrator insists he doesn’t have a problem: It’s a solution. The boys in the trio agree that there are definitely pluses and minuses to drinking.

 “I’d say alcohol is the cause of and the solution to all of my problems, personally,” says lead singer Mark Wystrach in a statement from his label. “No, I think it’s formidable. I think alcohol needs to be revered.

“To me, I grew up in a bar so to me the bar’s a happy place and incredibly happy memories of shared experiences, of sing-alongs, cowboys riding their horses into the bar.  Of course there’s the negative sides to alcohol, when people cannot control…”

Lead guitarist Jess Carson breaks in with, “Cowboys riding their horses into the bar.”

“INTO the bar,” finishes bass guitarist Cameron Duddy.

“Cowboys riding their horses into the bar and people singing along completely out of key and have no business singing, normally,” laughs Mark. “No, I think it’s something to be revered, and it’s something to be respected and definitely not abused.  I think it’s no joke and I don’t think that we’re trying to glorify drinking per se, I think we’re just describing a shared experience for us, that’s something that’s true, and it’s a scene and kind of a moving picture, if you will, that we’ve all experienced on our own.”


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