By Anthony Donatelli

Betty True is the wild grandma we all want to have.

Back in July, 85-year-old Betty attended a baseball game at Dodger Stadium and it was nothing out of the ordinary for her. She enjoyed the game from her seat in the lodge section and watched her favorite team in action.

That was until the ballpark cameras found her.

Betty was now on the video board in front of thousands of people, so what did she do? She embraced it.

She began showing off her dance moves and the fans loved it. Essentially, they were begging her for more and boy did she give it to them.

Her hands moved to the bottom of her blue t-shirt and in one quick motion, she flashed all of Dodger Stadium and eventually, the world.

“At first when I saw I myself on the big screen, I was waving my arms and I thought, oh no, that’s going to show my underarm dangle,” Betty told Bill Plaschke of the LA Times. “So then I went into my cruising moves, and they kept the cameras on me, and I thought, well, they’re asking for it now.”

The revealing moment took place in the 7th inning, as the Dodgers were down 4-3 to the Kansas City Royals. Betty pulls her shirt up and what happens after that? The Dodgers come back to win 5-4 in 10 innings.

Dodgers rookie first baseman Cody Bellinger has dubbed Betty “The Rally Granny,” after he scored the winning run that night.

Not only is she a big deal to the Dodgers, who have gone 20-3 since the surprise flash, but she’s taken the world by storm.

Betty says people now constantly ask her for selfies, more flashes and she even has her face printed on t-shirts!

“Can they put an image of me on there without my permission?” she joked. “Oh well. It’s a neat little shirt.”

So is there anything that Betty would have done differently that night if she had the chance?

“The only other thing I could have done is moon, but mooning is a different story,” she said. “I don’t moon anymore.”


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