By Pepper

Jake Owen and his band were in very high spirits Sunday night at the Orange County Fair’s Pacific Amphitheatre, on the final night of a tour that’s taken them away from home for three weeks.

Donned in pink board shorts and bare feet, Jake looked every bit at home jumping around on stage, which was decorated like a tropical paradise; the horn section creating a loungey, jazzy feel throughout the performance. He gave shout-outs to a guy in the back holding up a crutch in excitement for the show, as well as a young lady holding a giant stuffed Smurf. “This is why I appreciate fairs,” Jake explained. “It’s not every day you see a big-*** Papa Smurf in the audience!”

He dedicated “If He Ain’t Gonna Love You” to “you scandalous types,” pointing out a gentleman who pulled his date a little closer as they swayed in time with the sultry song. He revealed that “LAX” was his favorite song that he’s ever written, and that he sings it everywhere, “but no one really gets it, except for out here,” earning a cheer from the crowd.

Recalling his tour opening for Brooks & Dunn early in his career, Jake’s cover of “Neon Moon” was a happy surprise, as was his nod to Johnny Cash with “Ring of Fire” (written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore).

Jake ran through the audience for “Days of Gold,” pausing for high-fives and selfies, before returning to the stage for the final songs, which included the Theme from “The Fresh Prince  of Bel-Air” in a mashup with “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” and “American Country Love Song,” the laid-back but fun vibe continuing even as Jake made his way off stage.



  1. Beachin’
  2. Eight Second Ride
  3. Real Life
  4. Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
  5. Good Company
  6. If He Ain’t Gonna Love You
  7. Tall Glass of Something
  8. Alone With You
  9. Neon Moon (Brooks & Dunn cover)
  10. LAX
  11. VW Van
  12. Days of Gold
  13. Don’t Think I Can’t Love You
  14. Anywhere With You
  15. The One That Got Away
  16. Barefoot Blue Jean Night / Theme from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”
  17. American Country Love Song

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