By Kelli Green

Dating a Kardashian may be one of the worst things an athlete can do. The ‘Kardashian Curse’ is real and it’s on its way to the Clippers.

In years past, the Kardashian sisters have dated multiple athletes and it may be a coincidence that those athletes don’t perform their best while in a relationship with the famous sisters.

Even though Kendall Jenner is not a Kardashian by name, she is a part of the family and a part of the fame.

She’s reportedly dating L.A. Clippers star, Blake Griffin. The pair was spotted dining in West Hollywood recently.

The Clippers are technically in the “off-season”, but if the relationship grows into something more permanent, Griffin should see on court effects like Lamar Odom or James Harden.

James Harden dating Kendall’s sister, Khloe Kardashian. Harden said in an interview that he got back into his basketball groove after he was done with Khloe.

Other athletes that the Kardashian sisters dated include Lamar Odom (Khloe), Reggie Bush (Kim), Kris Humphries (Kim).

Khloe is currently dating Tristan Thompson from the Cleveland Cavaliers, who did make it to the Champion Game this year, but ultimately lost to Golden State.


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