By Pepper

When Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren realized that by the end of this year, they’d have two little girls added to their family, they naturally started discussing baby names. The couple says they wanted to use family names, but all of their family names were for boys.

Ultimately, they chose to name their adopted baby from Uganda Willa Gray, and their just-born baby Ada James. How did they come up with those?

“Willa came from my mom’s dad, his name is Willard, which translated means innately brave,” Thomas explains in a statement from his label. “And so we felt like Willa was a beautiful girl name, and also I think we thought it represented kind of her story, like you have to be strong to survive what she went through. And then Gray is short for Lauren’s brother Grayson, and we really love Grayson’s personality and we love him so much. We just thought Willa and Gray really nice together.”

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As for their new little girl, who was just born on August 12th, Thomas continues, “We’re a huge double name family if you haven’t known. Ada James, James comes from my uncle, my dad’s brother – his name is James Elias. So James is her middle name and Ada, Lauren said that she had a dream and she kept hearing the name Ada in the dream. And that is why we went with Ada. Pretty random but really cool.”


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