By Pepper

Michelle Ganz’s family was devastated when their dog Bella disappeared from their backyard almost four years ago.

Despite checking the animal shelters and posting in pet groups for months, there was no sign of the tiny pit-mix, and gradually the family lost hope of ever seeing her again.

Bella was adopted from the Apple Valley Animal Shelter in June 2013, as a 14th birthday gift for Ganz’s son Michael Connell. She was microchipped when she was adopted, as is standard operating procedure for any animal leaving a shelter for their forever home.

The pocket-pit, who Ganz says doesn’t even come up to her knee, went missing in November that year, just a couple of months after Ganz’s mother – Michael’s grandmother – passed away. “He was so upset when she was taken,” Ganz recalls to CBS Radio.

That is – until Tuesday (August 22nd), when Ganz got a call from Adelanto Animal Control, who had located her. The family believes that whoever took Bella allowed her to get out, and when she was brought to Adelanto Animal Control, the microchip – a subcutaneous device with a unique identification number – pinpointed the Ganz family as her rightful owners.

“We picked up the dog about noon on Tuesday and found the dog had been micro-chipped,” Animal Control Office Derek Stevens confirms with the Victor Valley Daily Press. “The chip helped me to confirm the dog’s address and owner.”

Watch their reunion here:


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