By Pepper

“What is country music?” is a debate that’s been going on as long as long as the genre has, and Luke Bryan is adding his voice to the discussion – through his music, of course.

In a recent VIP pre-show acoustic performance, Luke shared new music and a song presumably called “What Makes You Country,” which includes the lyrics:

People talking about what is and isn’t country / What gives them a right to wear a pair of beat up boots / Is it the size of your tires or your wild ass buddies.” and “Might be from a city or a little farm town / Whatever kind of square that you drove around / Do you wear it on your sleeve or keep it deep down / You know you gotta let it out.”

Luke recently revealed that he is “95% finished” with his next album, which will hopefully drop by the end of 2017.

He’ll perform at Glen Helen Amphitheatre on Saturday, October 28th.


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