By Pepper

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are now proud parents of two little girls: 21-month old Willa Gray, who was adopted from Uganda in May, and three-week old Ada James. Thomas admits that after bringing home his first daughter at a year and a half old, and then a newborn with his second daughter, are very different experiences.

“We are completely unprepared, that’s for sure,” Thomas confesses in a statement from his label. “When you step into immediately having a 16 month old, I feel like I know how to deal with a 2 year old pretty accurately now.

“But an infant is a whole different story, because when they cry you don’t fully know why they’re crying. And I have not been a very good ‘make you stop crying’ kind of dad.  But it’s been a huge adjustment but we’re having a blast and feel very blessed to have two pretty girls.”

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And what was it like introducing his two daughters to each other? “The next day after we had Ada, Willa came to the hospital and started putting her hands all over Ada, and it was a bunch of ‘be gentle, be gentle.’

“But now it’s like, it’s amazing because Willa, she asks to hold Ada, and so she’ll just sit there on the couch and rock her. But it’s pretty amazing I think they’re so close in age that they’re gonna be really close as they get older.”

Thomas will release his brand new album Life Changes this Friday, September 8th.


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