By Kelli Green

Old Dominion’s new album Happy Endings just came out and they revealed to us that their band name almost unhappily ended the band.

Old Dominion gets their name from their home state of Virginia. Although, there’s also a college by the same name and a freight line. We asked the guys if they ever had any problems with the band’s name from the college or the freight line.

“Our attorney advised us to change our name.”

The band instead emailed the college and got their permission. The discussion over the band’s name almost broke up the band.

“That was a terrible, terrible discussion. With at one point I was ready to quit the band, because I didn’t want to change the name.”

Luckily, it all worked out and now the guy have released their 2nd album Happy Endings. The new album already includes a No. 1 song “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart”.

The guys will be heading our way in just a few weeks for Coastal Country Jam. When we asked which one was most likely to wear a speedo the band had an answer quick! Check out the interview below:

Get tickets to Coastal Country Jam HERE. It’s going on September 23rd and 24th at Huntington State Beach with Lady Antebellum, Michael Ray, Brett Young, and more.


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