By Kelli Green

Michael Ray is currently out on the road, but his family and friends are back home in Florida bracing for Hurricane Irma.

Michael Ray called to talk about performing out at Coastal Country Jam, but we had to check on his family back home in Florida. He told us Hurricane Irma is “going straight through my home town”.

He did talk to his dad, who’s back in Florida, and found out that some family was able to evacuate, but others weren’t expecting it to hit so close and now it is.

“With the fuel shortage and roads backed up, they’re just boarding up and preparing the best they can.”

Thankfully we can be a distraction for Michael and welcome him to the west coast for Coastal Country Jam.

Michael told us that he’s a “beach and lake bum”, so he’s looking forward to spending some time in California. He said California gives him good vibes, “it’s like you automatically feel better and you don’t know why.”

Don’t expect to see Michael in his normal clothes, he told us that him and the band will be breaking out the board shorts for this concert.  “Can’t thank you enough for getting us into board shorts and out of these freaking skinny pants”.

Take a listen to Michael Ray’s full interview below:

Don’t miss Michael Ray at Coastal Country Jam. Get tickets HERE. 


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