By Pepper

Ten years ago, Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard lost his father in a helicopter crash, that horrifically, he and his family were witnesses to. So when news broke on Friday that Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry had passed away in a similar fashion, Tyler was understandably overcome with emotion and shared a poignant message on his Instagram page to Troy’s friends and family.

“Guys, I just got the terrible news about an amazing guy, Troy Gentry, who passed away this afternoon in a helicopter crash, and my heart breaks,” Tyler recalls in the video. “My heart hurts, and I can’t help but go back to ten years ago when I lost my dad in a tragic helicopter crash as well, an experience that me and my whole family witnessed.

“And I just wanted to say, for everybody out there that’s hurting – I know there’s a lot of people that loved him and a lot of people that are affected by this – that there’s a lot of joy, there’s a lot of peace, there’s a lot of understanding if you lean on the Lord, lean on his words, dig into the Bible.

“And I’m serious, I can’t really explain it. It’s pretty unexplainable, but it’s a crazy joy that God can only give and a crazy amount of peace, so for those that are hurtin’, I encourage you in that and for Troy, I love you.  You’ll be missed, and say hey to my dad up there in heaven, would ya?  Take care, God bless.”


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