By Kelli Green

Kelsea Ballerini will have a new last name when we see her at Stagecoach. She shares wedding details, something embarrassing about her fiance, and her excitement to play Stagecoach for the first time.

Kelsea Ballerini told us that her wedding is on the way. Her and fiance, Morgan Evans, are set to get married in December. But they have a lot to do before then including finishing a tour and a new album.

Kelsea dished a little on her fiance saying sometime he can go “a little too uncomfortably too far”. She even told us a story about one of the first times he met her mom and Kelsea was a little shocked.

Once Kelsea ties the knot, she’ll be ready to get back to work and we’ll be ready to see her at Stagecoach. Kelsea is finally a part of the Stagecoach lineup. She did pop up early this year when she took the stage to sing with Shania Twain.

Even though Kelsea said it was “one of the coolest things” she’ll probably ever get to do in her life, she’s really excited to take the stage and have her own set at Stagecoach. “I am stoked. I am so excited.”

Don’t miss Kelsea Ballerini at Stagecoach 2018!

Listen to Kelsea’s full interview below:




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