By Kelli Green

Alex discusses being a bitter jury member, “hot dog hell”, and what’s next.

There was no hiding the bitterness that Alex had toward Paul. She told us that she thinks he just went too far with his game playing. However she is willing to attempt “friendship” with Paul. She said she told him the ball is in his court if he wants a friendship.

One person who she definitely had friendship with was Jason. She repeatedly referred to him as her “ride or die”. We asked her if she’d ever consider doing The Amazing Race with him and she quickly thought it was a great idea. That shocked us, because we never thought she’d want to camp again after her camping punishment.¬†After lugging around 50 pounds of camping gear and cooking numerous hot dogs, she said it really wasn’t that bad.

Alex described this season as “super duper salty” which was evident after seeing the jury talk about the final 2. The jury wasn’t the only one talking trash. A lot of online chatter revolved around Alex. She told us she’s most likely not going to go back and read the comments about her, because she’s scared.

Here’s what Alex had to say before she entered the Big Brother house:


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