By Kelli Green

Josh secured his place in the final two and then with the help of the jury he secured $500,000 in his bank account!

Josh might have been the obnoxious pot banging houseguest, but according to him it was all part of his plan. Maybe with his $500,000 he can replace the ruined pots and pans. He told us it was a total of 4 pots and pans that ruined this summer.

In my opinion, Josh had one of the most brilliant plans this season by telling the evicted houseguests that it was Paul’s idea to evict them. He said he knew exactly what he was doing and it seemed to work, because the jury was definitely bitter towards Paul.

Josh beat out the vet Paul by one vote. The final vote came down to Cody and Josh said even he was shocked that Cody voted for him.

With some more 0’s in his bank account Josh already has his eye on a car, but what he has in mind might surprise you.

Here’s what Josh had to say before entering the Big Brother house:


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