By Kelli Green

In the words of Julie Chen, Paul once again was a “bridesmaid”. An obviously heartbroken Paul describes  what he thought went wrong.

It was heartbreaking to watch Paul’s reaction when he once again received 2nd place. Paul told us that he  didn’t know what he could do differently to make sure that he won this season.

Even though it seemed Paul was the “puppet master” this season he didn’t pull enough strings to ensure the win. He lost to Josh by won vote, which surprisingly came down to Cody.

With 2 heartbreaking losses, Paul isn’t opposed to head back into the house for a 3rd time. He said after 191 days in the house its become his second home.

And of course we asked about Christmas. Paul spilled why starting a relationship in the house is a bad idea and then went to to talk about if there’d be a date outside the house.


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