By Pepper

Before Brett Young moved to Nashville, cementing his career as a country artist, he used to be a bartender in his native Southern California, eventually turning that job into an opportunity to further get his foot in the door as a musician.

“You’re in these establishments that as a bar or restaurant you’re mostly successful on the weekends, and you’re always looking for things to plug into your off days during the week,” he explains in a statement from his label. “And being a musician who had played bars and restaurants I was bartending somewhere that had a slow Tuesday or Wednesday, I’d be like, ‘Hey, and by the way, you should have a live music night.’”

Of course, there was an ulterior motive with these suggestions, because through these gigs, Brett was able to get on stage himself. “Had I not been bartending in those rooms, I probably wouldn’t have had the ability to identify a place that needed live music.

“And so it was not just a fun way to spend a Tuesday, Wednesday night but it was also a way to basically call practice work and get paid for it.”

This weekend, Brett will bring it all back home when he performs at Coastal Country Jam at Huntington State Beach.


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