By Pepper

On a “one-off” from his current tour with Thomas Rhett, Walker Hayes packed the Brandin’ Iron in San Bernardino Saturday night (September 23rd), declaring, “I love this place! I love In-N-Out!”

While a “Triple-Triple” digested in his stomach, Walker’s rollicking, uptempo set included a tribute to his favorite artist, Kenny Chesney, “Shut Up Kenny,” crowd favorite “Break the Internet,” and his debut single, “You Broke Up With Me,” which he performed not once, but twice, while B.I. regulars did the “Simmer On Down” line dance, specifically choreographed for “You Broke Up With Me.”

His unconventional style pushes the boundaries of country music, but the audience embraced it, and acoustic versions of “Your Girlfriend Does” (written with members of Old Dominion) and “Lela’s Stars” allowed for more intimate moments.

His wife, also his high school sweetheart and mother of their six children, watched from the side. Following the performance, Walker could be found at the merch table signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

Walker’s album Boom! (named in honor of his favorite word) will be released December 8th.


  1. Prescription
  2. Break the Internet
  3. Dollar Store
  4. Beautiful
  5. Mind Candy
  6. You Broke Up with Me
  7. Your Girlfriend Does
  8. Lela’s Stars
  9. Halloween
  10. Shut Up Kenny
  11. You Broke Up With Me

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