By Pepper

Ryan Gossling. Robert Pattinson. Channing Tatum. Zac Efron. Ryan Reynolds. Leonardo DiCaprio. Chris Hemsworth. Colton Haynes. Bradley Cooper. Adam Levine. All typical answers to the question, “Who’s your celebrity crush?” Unless, of course, you’re Carly Pearce.

“My celebrity crush is kind of hilarious,” the “Every Little Thing” singer confesses in a statement from her label. “I am obsessed with Dan Tyminski from Union Station [Alison Krauss‘s frequent band]. You may know him from ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’. He is the voice of that song. I love him.”

Her background in bluegrass may have something to do with her obsession. “I freak out every time I see him, and I know that he knows about this country artist that thinks he’s like, the deal, but every time I see him in concert I’m just like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Dan!’ So, make fun of me because it’s weird.”

Carly will perform at Stagecoach 2018.


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