By Pepper

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you can’t escape the latest topic: protesting racial oppression by kneeling during the pre-game National Anthem.

While many football teams this season, like the Pittsburgh Steelers, have elected to remain in the locker room during the Anthem to remove themselves from the circumstance, and some recording artists, like Megan Linsey, kneeling after performing the National Anthem, to great controversy.

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But for Jerrod Niemann, there’s no question as to where he stands in the discussion.

“You’ll never see me not standing for the National Anthem,” Jerrod tells ABC News Radio. “I absolutely do respect people’s right to protest, and I know that’s where those football players have their loudest voice, is right then and there. So I see that. But one thing no one’s brought up is: If you’re gonna protest, you shouldn’t do it while you’re clocked in. You know, they’re at work; they’re clocked in.

“I agree that everybody deserves to have a happy life, with no racial injustice,” he continues. “But, just as a football fan, and obviously, a fan of our military, I just feel like that wouldn’t be my particular place to protest, but that’s their right if they want to be. But, like I said, just being a fan of all people that have given their lives for us over time….I’ll be standing during the National Anthem.

Jerrod’s new album The Ride comes out next Friday, October 6th.


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