By Kelli Green

Sam Hunt definitely has a sweet spot for his Grandma. After having her at show recently, he told us why it meant so much for him to have her there.

Sam Hunt recently shared a video of his 82 year old Grandma at his concert. He told us that it meant a lot to have her there, because she’s one of his “biggest supporters” of his decision to get into the music business. He also revealed that it was only the second time she had been to New York.

Sam may seem like it he’s good at everything, he has an amazing music career, he’s an athlete, but he said there are “a lot of things” that he’s bad at. He credits his success to his hard work. “I’m really good at working hard.”  He also said, “It’s a lot more hard work than it is talent.”

Take a listen to Sam Hunt’s full interview:


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