By Kelli Green

You may think the front row is the best place to watch a show and usually you’re right as long as the artist stays on stage. Dylan Scott reveals he once fell on a woman when he fell off the stage.

Stage fails are a rite of passage for most artists. Thanks to YouTube stage falls live forever, but nothing tops Dylan Scott telling about how he fell on a woman. He said he was playing at a dark club and he came out for his first song and was hyped, but missed his make and went right off the stage and on a woman in the front row. “I pushed off with my hand on this lady’s face.” Luckily, the woman was okay. He said she actually laughed about it.

Dylan is about to expand his family. He told us his son is due in 9 weeks. He also told us that picking a name for his son turned into a fight between him and his wife.

Dylan is also getting ready to expand his music library. He’s releasing a Christmas EP, Merry Christmas. He told us about his favorite Christmas memory which sounds like a redneck dream.

Take a listen to Dylan Scott’s full interview:




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