By Anthony Donatelli

As more and more concertgoers share their stories from the horrific tragedy that took place in Las Vegas Sunday night at Route 91 Harvest Festival, country artists are also sharing theirs.

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Big & Rich, the duo made up of John Rich and Big Kenny, performed on Sunday night just two hours before Jason Aldean took the stage.

John Rich told FOX News that after they finished performing, they loaded up their bus and headed over to a country bar that Rich owns to play a little after show set.

As they were performing, Rich got a tap on the shoulder with somebody saying to him, “there’s an active shooter.” They immediately stopped playing, got everybody away from the windows and tried to secure the location.

Rich mentioned that his bar has a big emphasis on veterans and active duty members of the military, along with a lot of police officers that come and hang out.

There was one off-duty officer from Minneapolis that happened to be stuck in the bar as this transpired and he came to Rich for help.

“He came up to me and showed me his badge and says I’m an officer and I am not armed for the first time ever, I can’t believe it. Are you armed?” the officer asked Rich. “I said ‘yes sir, I am armed and I have my concealed weapons permit.’ He says ‘can I have your firearm so I can hold point on this front door?’ So I handed my firearm over to him, everybody got behind him and for about two hours, without flinching, this guy kept a point on that front door, just in case somebody came through.”

Hear the rest of Rich’s terrifying story below:


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