By Pepper

In his latest single, “Like I Loved You,” Brett Young sings about being told, “I just want to be friends” while being dumped. It’s a line he can relate to more than he’d like to.

“Being on the receiving end of that it was hard,” he confesses in a statement from his label. “I mean, it almost felt as if they had already ended it in their heart and moved on and they were ready for that.

“And when you’re not, it makes you feel very disconnected from a relationship that you were very involved in emotionally,” he continues. “And so, I had a conversation with a co-writer, a friend of mine, Jesse Lee, about that and we both got very, very spirited about that topic and realized if we both care this much we’ve got to write this one.

“And I’ve been a big fan of this song since we wrote it, so not only am I glad it made the record I’m really happy that it’s the single.”


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