By Pepper

In an unprecedented move, Granger Smith has offered to personally call to thank every person who buys his new album this week.

The collection, When the Good Guys Win, dropped this weekend, and according to his social media posts, the “Happens Like That” singer plans to call everyone who buys it before November 5th.

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“Not everybody buys records any more,” Granger says in the video. “That’s a thing of the past. But for the people that do – I want to say thank you to that commitment, for you being an amazing fan, I’m gonna call you. Every single person that buys this album the first week, or that has pre-ordered it, I’m gonna personally call you to say thank you, because that’s how much you mean to me.”

On release day, Friday, October 27th, Granger opened for Luke Bryan at Glen Helen Amphitheatre in Devore. Order the album here, and submit your receipt here for your personal phone call!


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