By Heather Froglear

Jimmy Wayne called in to my show today, to discuss the release of his 3rd book, a children’s book titled “Ruby The Foster Dog”, and his first album in 10 years which accompanies the book called “Ruby Toons”.

Jimmy Wayne is more than the singer/songwriter of smash hits such as “I Love You This Much” and “Do You Believe Me Now”, but he’s a New York Times Best-selling author, motivational speaker, and a champion for children in foster care.

In 2010, Jimmy walked half-way across the U.S. to raise awareness for foster children who age out of the system, as he was a child who grew up in the foster care world.

It was on his walk from Nashville to Phoenix, where he adopted “Ruby”, a chihuahua he rescued shortly after leaving Amarillo, Texas, and the inspiration behind his new children’s book, “Ruby The Foster Dog”.

That extremely difficult walk across American proved a success for Jimmy, as 23 states enacted laws to raise the age from 18 to 21 before a child “ages out” of the foster care system.

But that wasn’t enough for Jimmy Wayne.  He wanted to do more.

Through a bond with Ruby, Wayne realized he had more work to do for children in the system, and Ruby was a catalyst to keep his mission alive and expand it.

In our interview below, Jimmy and I discuss how Ruby became the inspiration for the book, and why “Ruby Toons”, the 13-song album, is unlike anything else Jimmy has ever recorded.  (Think Taylor Swift with a side of Toby Mac, or as Mr. James called it, a “sonic dance party with a mission”.)

The book, and the album, was designed with 8 to 12-year- old’s in mind, but as Jimmy mentions in our interview, the mission and the message is for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

Ruby the Foster Dog, Jimmy Wayne

(Provided by: Jimmy Wayne/Broadstreet Publishing)


Ruby Toons, Jimmy Wayne

(Provided by: Jimmy Wayne and Jason Bazan)

It’s always a pleasure to talk with Jimmy Wayne; a man so humble, yet so fired up about making a difference for foster children… it’s ALWAYS inspiring.

Both “Ruby The Foster Dog” and “Ruby Toons” are available for purchase HERE!



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