By Kelli Green

Even though Blake Shelton has a song called “I’ll Name The Dogs” it doesn’t look like him and Gwen will be taking that next step together, because they pretty much already have a dog together.

When we asked Blake if him and Gwen were going to be getting a dog together, he explained that they pretty much already have a dog together, because his dog loves Gwen more than him. Blake said he’s had Betty (his dog) for about 8 years, but since Gwen’s been around Betty like Gwen more than him.

Blake’s new album Texoma Shore is in stores today and after weeks of explaining where the Texoma Shore is, Scott was happy to tell him he’s actually been there. After Blake revealed what he likes to do in the Texoma Lake maybe Scott will be less likely to jump in.

Take a listen to Blake Shelton’s full interview:


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