By Kelli Green

Thankfully Blake Shelton is out promoting his new album about his lake house and not in it, because someone just drove a truck though it.

Blake Shelton’s new album Texoma Shore hit stores on Friday and while he was out promoting it someone ran their truck through his lake home on the Texoma Shore.

Blake revealed on Live With Kelly and Ryan that he just found out about the accident at his lake house. “There is a studio at my lake house, and I just got a phone call. Somebody drove their truck though the front of my lake house, so if this album doesn’t hit, then that’s bad luck.”

Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be intentional. Blake said it was an “accident” and jokes that “there’s a truck sticking out of the front of my freakin’ house”.

Blake better put his charm to work and sell some CDs to cover his insurance deductible.

Listen to Scott and Kelli’s interview with Blake Shelton HERE.


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