By Pepper

Admittedly, when you look at Kane Brown, you probably don’t imagine him as a country singer with a deep baritone and traditional sound. And the challenges that has presented to the “What Ifs” singer are not lost on him.

“Being biracial and being in country music is actually kinda hard,” he admits to Nightline’s Adrienne Bankert. “I get talked down on so much in country music because of my look and I just really want to change that.

“I don’t feel like you should have to look a certain way to sing a certain genre,” he continues. “Everybody looks at me and thinks I’m a rapper, [that] I can’t be a country artist, and it just drives me crazy.

“I just want to change stereotypes. You can’t be scared to be different. I honestly love the old school sound, because I feel like I’m an old soul when it comes to that stuff, but I’m mixed in with new school. I like how I do sound right now, but there’s times when I want go back and do one of those old school songs, but you don’t know if people are going to go to a party [for example] and play one of those songs.”

Meanwhile, Kane is heading up the chart with his latest single, “Heaven.”


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