By Pepper

Danielle Bradbery’s latest single “Sway” has already inspired a line dance among the local country bars in Southern California. So can we expect some choreography to make its way into Danielle’s concerts?

“I want to!” Danielle asserts in a statement from her label. “I would be on board 100% for a moment like that.

“I love to dance. I grew up loving to dance,” she continues. “I never was in competitions or anything, it’s just, I guess in my blood because my mom and that side of family just loves to dance and my sister. And so when me and my sister get together we love going out to a club and to dance. And so definitely a moment like that I would be so on board to do.”

In her spare time, Danielle’s even been taking hip hop classes for fun and exercise, so she’ll be extra-prepared in case that happens!



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